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6 Reasons Why Now Is the Time to Start Your Six Figure Business Online

It may seem a strange suggestion but I believe that I can show you why now is the perfect time to start a six figure business online. Let us start by looking at three facts that may suggest otherwise.

Fact 1: We have been experiencing a global recession over the past couple of years.

Fact 2: Thousands of people, who thought they had a job for life, have been made redundant.

Fact 3: The media is constantly filling us with tales of woe and doom and gloom, to make us fearful of change and to lower our expectations, in a cynical attempt to keep the little man’s head down and working hard.

Whilst these three facts are indisputable and could easily lead us to despair, or at the very least, make us cling to what we know and are familiar with, it is equally true that there has never been a better time to start a business online than right now!

Here are 6 equally verifiable reasons why you should stop being fearful, stop procrastinating and create your online business now.

1. The internet is the biggest marketplace in the history of our planet. Never before has it been possible to reach a potential audience of over 1.8 billion people, without even leaving home! That is an enormous figure, but it is the approximate number of internet users today and it is estimated that within two to three years, this number will have doubled. Can you imagine the effect that would have on any conventional business? In 2009 over $200 billion were spent online.

2. The internet is the most powerful media ever known to man. It began with the radio, progressed through television, onto the first computers and from there the web has grown exponentially and become an integral part of our lives. It’s the first place we go when we want information of any kind now, replacing previous tools such as telephone directories and libraries. In 2009 over 300 billion searches were carried out online.

3. Internet businesses are the most profitable of any type of business to date. They have created more six figure earners, more billionaires and multi billionaires, in a short space of time, than any other industry in history.

4. The internet never stops. You are no longer dependent upon trading hours, laws or custom to sell your products or services. Your virtual shop is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and is working for you even whilst you sleep, eat and holiday.

5. There is very little investment and low risk associated with the set up of an internet business. If something you are marketing does not take off, you simply switch product and start again. There are so many opportunities out there with virtually no costs, overheads or risks to those working online.

6. Perhaps the best news of all is that anyone, yes anyone, can have a successful, sustainable business online. You might find this statement a little bold, particularly if you are not very computer literate. The truth is however, that the only factor which separates you from someone who is successful online, is knowledge. You can either learn how to market online, or you can find someone who is able to fulfill those tasks that you cannot.